Annie’s Soda-Bread Mix

Making wholesome Irish Soda Bread couldn’t be easier!

With Annie’s Soda-Bread Mix. Simply add Buttermilk and melted Butter, whip it up and pour it into two 1xlb baking tins and bake. Ready in less than 50 minutes. Step by step instructions, allergen information’s, vegan recipe option, nutritional values included.

RRP€ 3.80 (net weight 700g)

Code:  MLC 001

Nana’s Semi-white Soda-Bread Mix

Light in texture but with the goodness of a wholemeal bread

Quickly oven ready, add Buttermilk and melted Butter, mix it up in a bowl, transfer to baking tray, shape it, bake it and its ready in less than 45 minutes. Step by step instructions, allergen information’s, vegan recipe option is included.

RRP € 3.50 (net weight 580g)

Code:  MLC 002

Easy Focaccia Bread Kit

Bake a delicious focaccia in a flash!

Ideal for BBQ and Picnic, this Focaccia bread done in less than 40 minutes, needs no proofing of the dough and tastes as good the real thing. Add Buttermilk, fresh rosemary sprigs, extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, bake and enjoy! Best eaten on the day. Included: 2 bags of focaccia mix (each for one tray 20cm x30 cm), 100ml extra virgin olive oil, coarse sea salt, and of course step by step instructions

RRP€ 6.40 (net weight 1010g)

Code:  MLC 003

Lemon Drizzle Tray-Bake

Lemon drizzle Tray-Bake Lemon-Drizzle cake slices are always a winner

Easy to prepare: Whisk the melted butter, eggs, milk and lemon zest, add the dry ingredients and give it a good stir, pour into baking tray (works best in 20cm x 30cm x 4.5cm tray), bake for about 35 min. drizzle with lemon juice and finish it with the icing. Icing sugar, 2 fresh lemons and poppy seeds are included in the box and of course step by step instructions. Enjoy!

RRP € 6.40 (net weight approx. 920g incl. 2 lemons)

Code:  MLC 004

Easy Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake made easy!

Bake a delicious chocolate cake without the hassle of measuring a large amount of ingredients. Just add a few readily available fresh ingredients and presto the cake is oven ready. The chocolate for the icing is also included, so are easy to follow step by step instructions plus a recipe for a luxurious chocolate filling.

RRP € 6.60 (net weight 680g)

Code: MLC 005

Carrot Cake Baking Kit

Easy made great dessert The ingredients of this box enables you to make a delicious carrot cake in no time. Just add three eggs, sunflower oil and grated raw carrots, mix it thoroughly. Pour the batter into baking tin and bake. Step by step instructions included, also recipe for a very tasty icing. (Can also be made with grated courgettes, beetroot or butternut squash).

RRP € 6.60 (net weight 640g)  

Code:  MLC 006

Triple Chocolate Muffin

Delicious home baked muffins made easy without the hassle of weighing and storing a large amount of ingredients: Simply add large free-range Eggs, Sunflower Oil and fresh fullfat Milk, pour into supplied muffin cases, sprinkle the topping and presto tasty muffins are ready for the oven. Step by step instructions, muffin cases, chocolate and almond topping and allergen information’s are all included.

RRP € 6.60 (net weight 640g)

Code: MLC 007

Chocolate Walnut and Cranberries Muffin Kit

Delicious home baked muffins made easy! Add 2 large free-range Eggs, 100ml of Sunflower Oil and 175 ml of fresh Milk, whisk it up and fill into supplied muffin cases, bake and freshly homebaked muffins are ready to serve in less than 25 minutes.Step by step instructions, muffin cases and allergen information’s included.

RRP € 6.50 (net weight 640g)

Code:  MLC 008

Double Chocolate Brownie

Double Chocolate Brownie couldn’t be easier! Melt the provided chocolate with unsalted butter, whip up eggs and sugar, add the flour mix and melted chocolate. Bake for approximately 25 minutes, top with the chocolate icing and served with cream, fresh berries or ice cream. Plenty for 9 generous portions. Contains: Chocolate drops for the bake and the icing, sugar, flour and cocoa mix and easy to follow step by step instructions.

RRP € 6.60 (net weight 700g)

Code: MLC 009

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