• Hi Markus, It was lovely to meet you in town on Friday, thank you so much for giving me the packets of soda bread & carrot cake mix. I baked them this morning & they are fab, I've shared some out and getting great feedback, I especially love the bread as I'm more of a bread person & it's so easy to make! I'll definitely buy more & looking forward to trying the semi white soda bread & muffin mix. I know you said they are for sale in the refill shop, where else in Midleton as I'll pass this info on. Give my regards to Ann & the family & I wish you all the best with this new venture.
  • Hi Markus, Absolutely no need to be sending me anything for free! So I’m refusing to give you my address I went ahead and made the Focaccia without adding butter anyway the other night, and it was *devoured*. The whole family loved it. I nearly wanted to pass it off as my own recipe, but I had to tell them it was your packet 😊 It was just goooooorgeous.
    Thanks a mil for clarifying re the butter, because having tasted it, I genuinely didn’t think it could have been improved on.
    We got two packs from the Cuskinny market last week, so I have another pack left to bake before we head to West Cork for our holidays in July, but I can promise once we return we will *definitely* be repeat customers! Thanks a million! C
  • Hi there Marcus
    I recently made Annie's Soda Bread for the first time.
    I found it was moist enough by using a little less than the recommended milk and melted butter.. Is it wholemeal flour only or is there white flour also.
    Also for the final 10 mins cooking where do I put it or on what?. I found it almost broke taking it out of the tin. The video skipped this step.
    The flavour was excellent. Lovely with lots of butter and marmalade or an open sandwich.
    Wishing u the best of luck with your endeavours and hoping the hospitality industry will soon get back on track.
    Take care and give me a reply when you can
  • Hello
    Many many weeks ago I got a gift of your chocolate cake mix,n at last got round to making it for my granddaughters birthday, It was really delicious n went down a treat. The bits in it were delicious n I used the luxury filling which did centre n top of cake. Well done on your innovation in times of crisis,
    Where can it be purchased, I live in Killeagh/Youghal area. Continued success M.
  • Hallo Markus, Wir haben das Annie‘s Soda Bread Mix von irischen Freunden zu Weihnachten geschenkt bekommen ( wir selbst leben noch in der Lüneburger Heide) . Gibt es die Möglichkeit ein größeres Paket zu bestellen und nach Deutschland zu schicken?Wir können das Geld auch vorab überweisen.
    Grüße aus Deutschland S. H.
  • Hi,  I made your beautiful brown soda bread today, it was absolutely devine. I was Just wondering if you could order it online and have it posted. Yours sincerely, C.C
  • Thanks Marcus it turned out perfect and tastes delicious. My family will be impressed when I arrive with umy carrot cake. Pic below. Looking forward to making more. G.
  • Thanks Marcus it turned out perfect and tastes delicious. Make beautiful gifts G.K.
  • Dear Markus, dear Annie (?), Do you remember the two Swiss tourists on St. Margaret’s Caravan Park near Our Lady’s Island – it was end of May. You gave us several good advice as to bike routes and shopping possibilities and a very special gift: a package of your “Annie’s Soda-bread Mix”. This package accompanied us all the way through Ireland and back via France to Switzerland, where we arrived at the end of June. Here we had three heat waves in a row – it was much too hot for baking. So I only managed to bake the soda-bread a few days ago, after the first rain in three months. As promised in your leaflet, the bread came out perfectly and tastes deliciously. What a good memory of Ireland! We send you attached a picture of the bread as well as of the canned “stuff” that grows in our garden. Both together form a delicious meal. Thanking you very much for this thoughtful gift we wish you all the best and remain with kind regards H&V
  • Hi, 'm just writing to let you know I purchased your carrot cake in a bag mix & gave it to my son who couldn't boil an egg a few years ago, but now would give "Darina" a run for her money. Necessity is the mother of invention they say. He never did anything sweet so I said the carrot cake was worth a go.  He brought some to me y'day & it was divine, nicest carrot cake recipe ever.  So we'll done on your product. My next question is where do you sell your products in North Cork area?  I got that in Douglas I think or Wilton but I don't be there often.Thanking you.  By the way your name is not an easy one to relate to what you do, so maybe reconsider renaming your website.  Just giving you my feedback🤣Regards, Ann

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